Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Strathwood Basic Elements 4-Foot Garden Bench with Cushion

Here's a nice piece of furniture and an even better value. This four foot garden bench os nearly 60% off (59.8% to be exact) and will make a lovely addition to your garden.

This attractive bench will provide years of durable seating in the garden or on a patio or deck. Its simple yet striking design combines a slatted back and sides with gently-curved armrests for a look reminiscent of Mission furniture. The bench is made from kapur wood, a high-density Southeast Asian hardwood with excellent weather-resistant properties. Light enough to move easily around deck or lawn, kapur requires no finishing and is exceptionally-sturdy--with enough oil to repel the ravages of rain, sun, and dew. Rust-resistant hardware and mortise and tenon construction also add to the piece’s strength and durability.

Before shipment, your new furniture received a generous application of teak oil. Teak oil provides protection from the ultraviolet sunrays. Left untreated, Kapur will weather to a soft warm shade of gray similar to the weathering of teak. If you prefer to prevent this weathering process, you may apply additional coats of teak oil. The frequency of necessary teak oil applications will depend on the intensity of the sun in your environment, but typically, one or two coats per year is sufficient. Teak oil can usually be found at a marine dealer, hardware store, or internet dealer. If you allow your furniture to weather, you may later decide that you would want to restore it to its original condition. This is possible by using teak cleaner products, also available at most marine dealers and internet dealers. After following the instructions for cleaning, you will want to apply a coat of teak oil to prevent the weathering process.

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Strathwood Basic Elements 4-Foot Garden Bench with Cushion 60% OFF!


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