Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Coleman 9279F127 12 x 7 Montana 5-Person Tent 54% OFF!

With summer here, it's camping season and time to save on great camping gear. Coleman's Montan 5-person tent is on sale for $59.99 - 54% off!
Take along Coleman's Montana 5-Person Tent on your next spring or summer camping with trip with the family. This one-room, 84 square foot tent has all the bells and whistles you'll need for the occasional to avid camper. The Montana includes a cooler port opening, allowing you to reach your items outside while you're inside the tent--this is especially handy for your flashlightor water bottle. A skylight provides an evening of star gazing at night and warm sunshine during the day, while a doormat traps the excess dirt and mud from your day hike.

The tent also features a gearloft and two spacious inside pockets to stash your stuff.

Coleman's exclusive WeatherTec System will keep you dry if you encounter wet and damp weather while camping and the rugged floor provides another enhancement in keeping the moisture out from the bottom. Mesh vents and two side windows offer ventilation to keep the tent cool and breezy on especially warm days and nights. The rainfly thoroughly covers the doors and windows for added protection and will also provide another layer of protection from windy or wet suprises. With a center height of 58 inches, your family of campers can move about comfortably--even growing teenagers.

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Coleman 9279F127 12 x 7 Montana 5-Person Tent 54% OFF!
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