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Emerilware Cast Iron 10 inch Square Grill Pan Gift with Purchase

Emerilware Cast Iron 10 inch Square Grill Pan Gift with Purchase

Chef Emeril Lagasse Stovetop Cookware / Lifetime Warranty / Superb for grilling meats, fish, fruits and vegetables
Customer Review: Excellent pan for grilling
I went through about three non-stick, very expensive pans from the major players, and every time the story was the same. I would really like the pan until I used it about six or seven times, then the non-stick coating would wear off and they would stick like mad. This is because proper grilling can only be done under high heat, in a preheated pan. Doing this to a non-stick pan heats it up well past its tolerances, and destroys the coating.

So finally I tried a cast iron grill pan from Lodge. It was excellent, and took to high heat well. It is pretty hard to clean, the food sticks a bit, and the grill marks are not as crisp as I would like. Still, it was much better than anything aluminum.

When I saw this one, I decided to try it since I like my other Emeril pans. It is even better than my other one. Interesting, as I strongly suspect these Emeril pans are also made by Lodge. The little tweaks he made to the pan are well thought out. The ridges are tapered such that they almost come to a point. The result is clear sear lines with no sticking. It is also heavier than my other pan, so it holds heat better, and has much higher sides to help contain spatters.

There is one thing to be aware of, however. This pan is smaller than its Lodge counterpart, so it is well suited to grilling for two or three (even if the things you are making are large). If you are doing more than that, it'll get a little tight in there. I keep my Lodge pan around for the times I need more cooking space, but I can see this one is going to get a lot more use as normally I do two things at a time anyway.

The first time you use it, spray it lightly with cooking spray oil inside and out, then put it on a high heat burner until it smokes. Turn the burner off and let it cool off on the burner slowly by itself. This will help season it a bit (even though it is preseasoned) and make sure that you won't get any sticking the first time you use it.

If you are even thinking of experimenting with grilling, get this pan and give it a try.
Customer Review: better to season yourself
the finish on this pan is very rough, like sandpaper . i do not like it for that reason . the plus is it's sq size . this is a size that is better for 2 people many pans are for larger size families . i would not reccomend this witout feeling it in perso in a store .

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