Tuesday, September 26, 2006

T-Fal 10-3/4-Inch Perfection Total Non-Stick Saute Pan, Gray

T-Fal 10-3/4-Inch Perfection Total Non-Stick Saute Pan, Gray

mfr: T-FAL ? The unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator shows when your pan is perfectly preheated to seal in the flavor of your food. ? Stainless steel base disc to promote even heat distribution. ? Genuine non-stick exterior. ? T-FAL premium nonstick interior. ? Solid ergonomic, stay-cool handles. ? Oven safe to 350 F. ? Dishwasher safe. ? Limited Lifetime Warranty. 18" x 11" x 3.75" COOKWARE & CONTAINERS T-FAL>
Customer Review: A little beauty
What a lovely pan. Heavy without needing daily gym visits to manage lifting and a great non-stick surface. Just about the right size for 1 or 2 people, if I found the 12" for the same price, I'd buy one of those for bigger jobs.

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5 1/2

Customer Review: Driving funk album by a veteran Japanese pop/comedy band.
KOME KOME CLUB is a hard driving Japanese pop/art/funk/soul band that hit big time, then suddenly decided to go splittesville after 15 years in the industry, branching off into a variety of splinter groups and solo acts. 5 1/2 was one of their hardest hitting albums. Many of the songs would later be recut in English on a Japan only release by KID CREOLE AND THE COCONAUTS, although this group is more of a cross between Earth Wind & Fire, P-Funk and Mother's Finest w/ a touch of the Miami Sound Machine. A lot of the jokes require a knowlege of Japanese and Japanese culture to understand, but the rhythm is universal. The band was famous for their highly satirical elaborate stage show featuring fasions, sculptures art and set designs by lead vocalist Ishii Tatsuya. This album showcases the hard edged vocals of his assistant, James Onada, however, a satirical spoof on a Japanese God w/ a heavy doese of James Brown in him. KOME KOME CLUB (meaning RICE RICE CLUB... and the album 5 1/2 which can also be pronounced GO HAN... gohan also meaning rice... get the joke ? ar ! ar ! ar !) - - were funky and surreal... and represent pop funk at its best. This album will even get the squarest Gaijin dancing !



Introducing the Smart One 56K USB Plus External Controller-based modem. This 56k USB modem is designed to work with Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, MAC OS 9.X and above systems to deliver the fastest speeds possible and additional features like QuickConnect and Internet Call-Waiting. (Internet Call waiting drivers and application for Windows 2000 and XP only). The Smart One modem supports all the new standard V.92 features with the exception of PCM upstream. This is in addition to V.90 technology currently supported by all Internet service providers. That means it's fast, easy to install and use. With the 56USB Plus modem you get it all! Faster Web browsing, faster internet access. Take phone calls while online (Windows 2000 and XP only).
Customer Review: Ba=est Data USB Windows Mac Modem
I bought a best Data USB modem listed as suitable for Mac and WIndows since I use both. The Windows software was not accepted by this OS and when I proceeded anyway the modem would not run. The instructions said to consult the web site for Mac drivers . After going thru the various layers I found the site has NO OS X drivers.

I gave it one star because that is the minimum. To be fair I don't know how it works since I could not make it work.

I bought another USB modem and it installed and runs; so I do know how to install this stuff.

So what you have here is a WIndows Mac device that cannot install on Windows XP or Mac OS 10. Not needing another paperweight, I returned mine.