Monday, July 11, 2005

Musso 4080 Lussino Dessert Maker 20% Off

Remember your father's ice cream maker? The one in the round container that spun around and around making a huge amount of noise? The one you had to pour ice around with salt. Well forget it. This Musso 4080 Lussino Dessert maker blows it AWAY! While this unit isn't the usual bargain we like to post here (at 20% the savings are not substantial enough) but it's still a great price for this high quality dessert maker.

Fully automatic and precisely controlled by a timer, this machine takes the trouble and guesswork out of making ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, and frozen drinks at home. Ingredients go into the bowl, the timer is set, two buttons are pressed and about 30 minutes later 1-1/2 quarts of a frozen confection are ready for consumption. Because the machine doesn't require its bowl to be frozen for hours in a refrigerator's freezer (like less expensive machines that only churn), it can immediately begin making another batch. If a batch becomes too hard the machine shuts off automatically. Not only does it work professionally it looks the part, as the housing, bowl, and paddle are made of stainless steel for sanitation and easy cleaning. The 100-watt machine measures 12 inches wide, 11 inches high, and 18 inches deep, and it weighs 38 pounds. Made it Italy, it carries a one-year warranty against defects. An instruction booklet with many recipes is included.

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Musso 4080 Lussino Dessert Maker 20% Off

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Calphalon Commercial Hard Anodized 9-Piece Set Save over 49%

For a cook looking for his first set of high quality cookware, this nine piece set from Calphalon fits the bill to a T. This set includes everything you will need starting out including 8", 10", 12" omelette pans as well as a 3 & 7 quart covered chef's casserole pan. Also included is 2 1/2 quart shallow saucepan. They come with a lifetime warranty and are considered commercial grade cookware. They are heavy gauge anodized aluminum with cool V Handles (which allows the heat to dissipate for stove top use. The heavy domed metal lids seal in the flavor and nutrients inside while evenly distributing the trapped moisture in the foods.

Calphalon Commercial Hard Anodized 9-Piece Set

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Hamilton Beach 04163 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light 43% Off

Well our partner Amazon has this one at full list, other vendors such as Abes Of Maine have the item for $124 for a savings of 43%. Our pricing engine found them all here.

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Equipped with a UV germicidal light to help kill airborne microorganisms and a three-speed fan to continuously circulate air through two filters, this portable air purifier removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Helpful for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and cold/flu patients, the purifier contains a true HEPA filter that is at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping tiny particles; a prefilter reduces odors. A digital readout displays air quality (good, fair, or poor), and the fan can be set to automatically adjust speed according to air-quality needs. Digital indicators show when filters need replacing. The purifier measures 19-1/2 by 14 by 8-1/4 inches and is recommended for rooms up to 350 square feet. Filter replacement is simple: open front, remove prefilter and/or HEPA filter, position new filter(s), and close. The purifier carries a three-year warranty against defects

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Hamilton Beach 04163 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light

Abes of Maines Hamilton Beach 04163 TrueAir HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Light 43% Off

KitchenAid K5SSWH Heavy Duty 5-Quart Mixer, White 46% OFF

This 325 watt 5 quart mixer is a heavy duty commercial mixer. It has 10 seperate speed settings and a professional lift stand for easy access to the mixed material whether or not it was cookie dough or cake batter.

With its ample dimensions and burly construction, this commercial 5-quart KitchenAid mixer is prepared to be a culinary beast of burden. Smartly engineered so that the beater moves clockwise while the shaft moves counterclockwise, the beater reaches every part of the bowl without requiring it to rotate. Five mixing speeds plus a stir setting means the appliance can do everything from folding cranberries into biscotti to whipping up a fluffy meringue. The all-metal construction includes a heavy-duty motor to handle stiff batters and a hardwearing transmission that ensures continuous power. The mixer’s seamless, stainless-steel, 5-quart bowl stands flat on its indented base and features sealed handle and bracket connections that meet NSF standards. A professional-style bowl lift raises it easily and securely into position, even if it’s brimming with weighty dough.

The mixer comes with a burnished flat beater, a burnished dough hook, and a commercial wire whip. The flat beater is perfect for mixing cake batters, mashing potatoes, and stirring quick breads. The dough hook comes in handy for breads and coffee cakes, and the wire whip is your tool for icings and whipped cream.

Our pricing engine has found multiple offers on this product. For your convenience we have placed the links here.

Best Buys Zone KitchenAid K5SSWH Heavy Duty 5-Quart Mixer, White 46% off's KitchenAid 325 Watts K5SS Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Mixer 68% off

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