Sunday, August 07, 2005

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 50% Off - A Savings of $17.

I played this game on my old 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System years ago. It's truly an awesome game. I don't know if the Gameboy Advance version has added anything extra, but I know it didn't need to. The game was perfect years ago, and it's still perfect today. The only problem I had with the 8 bit game was it couldn't be saved and continued at another time. I assume the Gameboy Advance version has a saving feature.

I don't know if the levels were painstakingly designed or just thrown together, but they're absolutely great. Some of them are pretty tough though, especially towards the end where you have to go through all of the tank levels.

Some of the enemies on this game are pretty tough too, particularly the heavyset ones that shake the ground and stun you a bit.

My advice to those playing the game is this: Don't use the warp whistles if you happen to find them. They'll jump you ahead to levels that are so difficult you won't have enough lives and items to be prepared for them. This is a tough game, and it's twice as tough if you try to take shortcuts. Plus you miss so much when you skip levels. You miss frog suits, and takooni suits, and the giant enemies, and all of the fun stuff.

This game just has so much variety. New stuff is everywhere. Play every level and have a good time. Find that level with the giant boot to jump around in too. I love that one.

Of course our pricing engine has done it again. Best price is $17.17.

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