Wednesday, May 24, 2006

6 in 1 Pack UMD Cases for Sony Playstation Portable PSP

6 in 1 Pack UMD Cases for Sony Playstation Portable PSP

JAVOedge UMD cases come in a pack of 6 cases (2 Frosty White, 2 Frosty Blue, 2 Frosty Purple). Protect your UMD games and UMD movies when traveling or at home. Slim compact UMD case design with 3 stylish transparent color cases allow quick viewable access to all your UMD games and UMD movies. High-quality durable UMD case aims to shield against dusts and scratches. A great traveling UMD carrying solution versus the bulky retail UMD cases. Will fit in most carrying cases.
Customer Review: Great UMD Protection
These UMD cases are great. They are the perfect size and hold the UMD's tight. I also like the fact that they are transperent. They have a tricky clip that holds the case closed. After you figure out how to open it the first time you should be ok. I hope that this secure system to hold them closed does not ware off in time.
Customer Review: Great, practical, cheap and durable cases. My choice over an Altoids case.
These cases are great! They are nice and slim, taking no extra space which means you could have a pile of these in your pocket, bag etc and not have them take up space.

The colors are very nice, blue being my favorite and they seem durable. I've had them for only a day but if they don't last I would simply get a new pack because they are very cheap. Also, I picked this instead of an Altoids case because it stores the games individually and is slimmer than an altoids case. It is great for when I am only taking a game or two or all 6 of my games. I think they are slimmer than carrying 6 games in 2 Altoids cases.

If you have many UMDs, and take them all often then you might want to go with another option as these are for carrying a few games at a time. If I had over 20 games/movies I'd get a case or something bigger but for now these are the perfect choice for me.

Lastly, The only flaw in these cases is opening them. It is hard to open, which is good, the games won't pop out like potato chips out of a bag but they make switching games not as quick to do. I found that opening them from the top middle they open far easier and quicker. That is about it and once you get the hang of opening them these cases will simply make your day.

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