Monday, June 12, 2006

reEVOlution iSkin eVo2 for iPod 20 GB (Arctic)

reEVOlution iSkin eVo2 for iPod 20 GB (Arctic) Turn your iPod into the belle of the ball with this vibrant, new iSkin eVo2 20GB iPod Case. Packed with stunning features, the slim iSkin is specifically designed to protect your iPod with a layer of molded, perfect-fit high-grade silicone. The case features a sleek, revolutionary RevoClip—a removable transparent belt clip that conveniently click rotates 180°. The iSkin also comes with a handy clear screen protector that prevents scratches and a beveled top surface for easy direct plug-in of devices. Other features include an integrated dock connector port cover, contoured surface accents, side goosebumps for increased grip and rear heat-release pores for ventilation. Fits 20GB and iPod+hp models. Made of high-grade silicone. Imported.
Customer Review: Hands down, best iPod case
iSkin makes great products, don't be tempted by the cheep knock-offs. The silicone case is perfectly molded to fit the iPod, it doesn't let any dust or debris in and the iPod looks great in the case. I bought an iSkin for my little brother when he got his iPod as a graduation gift. My brother is horribly abusive with his iPod, plays basketball, puts it in his pocket, takes it everywhere, etc. Going on a year and a half and his iPod lives in the iSkin case and looks and works just like new. Yes, it's a little price, but after you've spent all that money on an iPod, what's a couple more bucks to keep it looking good as new. My highest recommendation.

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