Thursday, August 04, 2005

Conair LWD400CS Ladies Wet/Dry Shaver 56% - A Savings of $31

Sorry for the delay on posting. I have been wrestling with Movable Type and thinking about moving the blog over to it. I spend this weekend setting up some real estate blogs. One of the down sides of getting married is that sometimes your wife decides that your razor is much more effective than hers. Several times now I wandered into the bathroom to start shaving andfind myself dragging a dull blade over my fac, painfully pulling the hairs out instead of cleanly cutting them off.

So I went searching for a solution. I found it in this Conair Wet/Dry Shaver. Silky legs and underarms are just a quick shave away with this rechargeable shaver. Waterproof enough to submerge for short periods in the tub or for longer use in the shower, the shaver can be used with shaving cream or dry. Engineered for a close shave, the dual foil cutting blades move independently to follow body contours. A special trimmer for the bikini area or longer hair pops up for better visibility. Fully charged, the shaver gives about 25 minutes of shaving time. Keep the shaver in the recharging stand and it's always ready to go. Our pricing engine has found it for a great price at $19.79 for a shaver that retails for $54.99. Amazon has it FOR $23.99

Most importantly she's never felt the need to use my razer again.

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Conair LWD400CS Ladies Wet/Dry Shaver 56% - A Savings of $31
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