Monday, August 01, 2005

Simac MX700 PastaMatic Pasta Maker 61% Off - A Savings of $160.

One of things I try to mention on the blog on cooking days is the need to be more involved in your food preparation. Fast food simply isn't healthy at all. By actively preparing your food, you can take control of your food life. Here's another great way to take control of what you eat with the Simac MX700 PastaMatic Pasta Maker.

Fresh pasta is delicious and this pasta maker is just the unit to use.
This well-designed pasta maker brings the ideal within reach--homemade fresh pasta on the table in 15 to 20 minutes. The PastaMatic does it all, from mixing up pasta dough to pressing it into shape. Plus it's a pleasure to use.

Clear instructions (complete with endearing Italian translation quirks!) lead you through the mixing and kneading processes. Achieving the proper dough consistency is the trickiest part, and the instructions offer ample help. Then comes the excitement: extruding dough through one of the six pasta shapes. Cooks of all ages will want to watch as macaroni, spaghetti, or linquine noodles spill out. The fresh pasta cooks up quickly--usually in two to three minutes--and you've got one of life's true pleasures on the table.

For all its workhorse capabilities, this automatic pasta maker is remarkably compact, quiet, and efficient. It's only 10 inches square, and there's storage in the back for the cord and the pasta shape discs. A recipe book is included to tempt you with spinach fettuccini, potato gnocchi, ravioli, and more.

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Simac MX700 PastaMatic Pasta Maker 61% Off - A Savings of $160

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