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Customer Review: Sophisticated Pop for everyone.
It was one of their characteristics that they did lots of different kind of music since there were approx 15 of them with different tastes of music. Music was just a tool for them in order to complete their "performance"(not just a concert). There were a lot of entertainment in their live concert; stand-up like talk, comedy sketches, songs by different senction of the band (like Big Horns Bee & Sue Cream Sue), play-like appearance of "the one and only" James Onoda, and a lot of interaction with their audience. After releasing their previous CDs with variation of 80s pop, rock and funk, they have reached much more sophisticated pop based on their variations in K2C.

K2C is the first and the only CD which doesn't have songs sang by James Onoda. The other vocalist, Carl Smoky Ishii, takes over K2C to explore their new pop world with his sweet voice. There are also featured artist, like Genta Oogimi (per), Mari Kaneko (chorus), and Amazons (chorus), who added depth into the music.

With this CD, they proved that they can do good music seriously, but still be the original performing group band.

There were bounus 4-inch CDs came with the first editions which features three theme songs form three-menu tour, "Sharisharism 7" tour; Kick Knock, 2 Much 2 Ist, and Co-Conga (these are not released in any other CDs).

The title K2C is also shortening for Kome Kome Club (K x2 Club).
Customer Review: Bad remakes of really good songs.
All of the songs on this album are very good. But they are all remakes (by the original artist, slower tempo). To me this is a very bad thing. They are lounge versions of good songs, which is worse, in my opinion, than a bad song. Re-release 5 1/2, EBIS, Pushed Rice, and Komeguny!

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