Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Atek Electronics Super Mini Optical Mouse for Windows and Macintosh

Atek Electronics Super Mini Optical Mouse for Windows and Macintosh

Work more productively on your laptop! Tired of those hard-to-use touch pads or eraser pointers? Atek's Super Mini Optical Mouse takes the frustration out of mobile computing and puts the productivity back in!
Customer Review: Very convenient little mouse
This is a small mouse that fits easily in my laptop bag. I was initially afraid that it would be difficult to move around as i was used to larger traditional mice. However, once I (quickly) got used to it, I found that its even easier and more comfortable to use than large ergonomic mice -- the reason being that you can simply rest your wrist on the table and push this mouse around with your fingers. Your whole hand need not move! Very nice feel to it for me.

The only downside to the atek mouse that i bought was that after a year or so of use, its buttons became less responsive -- sometimes clicks just don't register. Could it be that this small mouse isn't as rugged as I had hoped? I haven't banged this mouse around and always keep it in its soft pouch in my bag, so I'm a little dissappointed that its causing problems now. I'm not sure if others who have been using this mouse for a long time have had this same problem. But despite that, I'd still quite likely that I'd buy this mouse again.

The only feature I miss (from larger mice), is a scrollwheel of some kind. If someone at Atek could stick an Apple Mighty-Mouse style micro-scroller on this mouse, I would marry them, *and* buy the mouse again for sure.

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