Friday, May 26, 2006

Belkin F5U003 MAC USB Serial Adapter for Macintosh

Belkin F5U003 MAC USB Serial Adapter for Macintosh

The Belkin USB Serial Adapter for Macintosh is the easiest way to connect additional serial devices to your Mac or iMac computer. Connect digital cameras, modems, printers, graphic tablets, hand-held computers, point-of-sale devices, industrial controls and other devices. The USB Serial Adapter for Macintosh is automatically detected and configured - enabling easy installation. Connecting your Mac /iMac computer to multiple serial devices is now simple and easy.
Customer Review: Functional, but super ugly
When I got this adapter, it was the only serial to USB adapter available for the Mac and I was grateful that at least one company was making them.

I got this adapter for the sole purpose of connecting a serial digital camera to my G3. It did its job well. The flashing LEDs tell you whether the item is connected properly and when there is activity (such as downloading or deleting photos from the camera).

My less than perfect rating is for appearance. It should be illegal to make anything for the Mac platform that is brown and ugly like this unit is... it's certainly unethical to charge nearly $... for something that looks like a stepped-on package of cigarettes. Granted, I'd rather have something that's ugly and works well than something that's pretty and doesn't work at all... goodness knows I've bought some cool looking toys that turned out to be doorstops and boat anchors. Still, this is way over-priced for today's competitive market considering the awful design. If they dropped the price in half, it would be easier to stomach the little brown rectangle. Otherwise, it functions well.

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