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Adobe Production Studio Premium

Adobe Production Studio Premium

Adobe Production Studio Premium brings new power and efficiency to your post-production environment. This complete audio and video post-production solution combines Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional, Premiere Pro 2.0, Photoshop CS2, Audition 2.0, Encore DVD 2.0, and Illustrator CS2 software. Combined, these tools offer you everything you need for superior audio and video production. Best of all, you'll work faster with timesaving workflow features, like Adobe Dynamic Link and Adobe Bridge. Full recording, mixing, editing, and mastering with Adobe Audition 2.0 Professional DVD production with Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 Full Photoshop & Encore integration -- use it to create full-featured, menu-driven DVDs for feature films, business communications, training, events, and more New power for vectors in Adobe Illustrator CS2 Integrates with Macromedia Flash encodes your video and audio files for optimal Web viewing Work with 16-bit Photoshop files in After Effects Professional and Adobe Premiere Pro -- creating pristine, high-quality color Save 32-bit float HDR files in Photoshop and integrate them into After Effects Professional compositions Create stereo or surround Dolby Digital AC3 files Work with a full set of restoration and cleanup tools Create loop-based multitrack soundtracks and DTS audio Integration with Production Studio, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, and Illustrator
Customer Review: Is this product worth it in one word - yes it is - okay three words
If you're reading this. You are thinking about dropping some serious cash so I will try and help you out!

If you're trying to decide between this, which is Adobe production studio premium or the Standard Edition do not buy The Standard Edition, you get so much more with this version, I repeat do not buy the Standard Edition.

You're probably interested in getting the Adobe production studio premium edition. I have to tell you, this is a great product, the dynamic link is such an amazing feature a links together. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe encore, seamlessly. You can take Adobe After Effects compositions into premiere Pro without rendering. Then if you need to edit the composition you just pop back into after effects, tweak it adjust it pop back into premiere and is automatically updated. It is just an amazing thing to see it in action.

After effects has got a total facelift, along with encore audition and premiere Pro. Gone is the "palette-tosis" of the old programs. Where you would lose palettes have palettes on top of palettes not know where to find a palette. The new facelift is totally awesome.

Stability: I've been using these programs for few days, and they are totally stable. One crash, I think I had and I think was my fault. Adobe encore, I feel is the best improvements from the old version making a DVD with the new flowchart is so amazingly simple.

Adobe After Effects 7.0
after effects is the bomb is you such an amazing program. Once you get past the user interface and learn some of the nuances you can do almost anything and mean anything with video is awesome. 7.0 has the ton of user presets. The text effects are great. The backgrounds that you can create that come as presets, all editable. A cool thing is with a new user presets, you can see them actually preview and Adobe Bridge. This is cool!

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
this program now is more in line with user interface from premiere elements. The one thing I really enjoy now about from your Pro 2.0. Is that I can import MPEG files from my replay TV and edit them. This is something that was sorely lacking in from your Pro 1.5 user interfaces been revamped in the new style. He just feels a lot cleaner smoother and more stable.

Adobe audition 2.0
this program, I think has gotten the most drastic user interface upgrade. I'm not really in the audio is what don't really know what under the hood is changed. I do know it's got ASIO drivers now. That is a big deal if you're an audio. But now the user interface is more in line with all the other a video products. Was nice about audition now is that if you have a audiophile in premiere Pro 2.0. You can now send it to audition, change it or modify it save it and it brings it back right into premiere. No reimporting, that is so cool.

Adobe encore 2.0
if you're wondering about Adobe encore this upgrade is nice. The automatic slideshow creator, while only limited to 99 photos per slideshow is a nice feature. I'd use it already. There are some limitations in the slideshow creator like again, only 99 photos per slideshow but you could link unlimited slideshows back to back to back, but you're still limited to 99. In each slideshow. Stability I feel in this program is vastly improved the old encore. I was so like I was teetering on the edge of losing my whole project. I feel of it safer and encore 2.0. It has a ton more templates is integration with Adobe Photoshop and with Adobe After effects is amazing. You will love it!

Adobe Bridge 1.0
this program is quirky. It crashed about 20 times. It has the potential to be really great, but it's good takes a more time to get there. Building of this program as your media manager. Again, it's not there yet. I'm still using Adobe Photoshop elements, the tagging portion to organize my digital photographs.

Adobe dynamic link
this program really isn't a program, but it is a program. If you know and mean? Basically dynamic link links together all of the applications in the production studio. Now the hitch is you can't get this if you buy the program separately. So to see it in action, you have to buy the production studio. Another reason why you should invest. But once you have it up and running. You will be amazed. It simplifies workflow drastically one place all this in action I bought it enough said.

So there you have it my micromini review of Adobe production studio premium. Something to keep in mind, this does come with a disk of totaltraining that reviews each of the programs give you some of the new features it about two hours. Not really great but it's free. When you install it the first time. You wanna register online seeing a free plug-in are a couple templates that they offer you if you miss this opportunity the first time you install it. You will not get another chance I believe, so make sure you register.

This install comes on five DVDs income of five gigs of loops for Adobe audition, a bunch of DVD templates, and other goodies.

Another thing to note, you will not be old to upgrade individual programs. Once you buy the production studio. So this means that if a new version of Photoshop CS three comes out. You will have to wait to upgrade the production studio. You can upgrade individual products. This kind of rots but I guess you gotta deal.

This does have online activation

That's all I can think of at the moment, if I think of anything more. I'll update this review. Go to Adobe's web site and download the program demos. The one thing you won't get is dynamic link so you'll have to use your imagination and see how it will fit in. Also check out the creative cow (dot) com.

With the production studio, you also get Adobe Photoshop CS two in Adobe Illustrator CS two. That is a huge bonus.

Have some fun and get it done

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