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Rome: Total War Gold Edition for PC

Rome: Total War Gold Edition for PC

Rome Total War Gold Edition PC

FEATURES- Rome Total War Gold PC
Once the Roman Empire is under your command, do not lay down your
sword just yet - the Barbarians are coming. With two award-winning
titles from the esteemed Total War series, you will have twice as
many obstacles and opportunities to control and conquer the
greatest empire ever known to man.
* The Gold Edition includes:
- Rome: Total War - Guide one of three noble Roman families on a century
spanning quest to seize control of the Roman Empire.
- Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion (official expansion pack to Rome:
Total War)Witness the decline of Rome as Barbarian hordes attack,
forcing a bitter internal struggle between rival factions.
* Voted 2004 Best Strategy game by IGN, GameSpy and GameSpot.
* Fight alongside or against history's greatest leaders such as Julius
Caesar, Spartacus, and Hannibal to expand or destroy the Roman Empire.
* Lay siege against the Romans as Attila the Hun, fearful Saxons, or other
savage factions using signature weapons and abilities.
* Command warrior-tested legions in cinematic epic battles with thousands
of soldiers on-screen at once.
* A century-spanning campaign charges players with strategically managing
the economic, civil, religious and military arms of their empire.

-- SPECIFITCATIONs --------------------------------------
ESRB Rating : T for Teen
Genre/Category : Strategy
System : PC
Number of Players :
On-Line Compatible:

Customer Review: Strategic combat at its best
While I am personally more fond of Rome's predecessor, Medieval: Total War, the latest in the Total War series is nothing short of excellent. Much has been improved on, especially the real-time combat and gameplay mechanics. The meek AI, underdeveloped naval combat, and drab visuals that marred Medieval have been done away with for the latest installation.

One of the greatest strengths of the series has always been its ability to capture the truly epic feel of worldwide warfare, regardless of whether you are looking over the whole of Europe or watching rank-and-file armies advancing upon each other. This is especially true with the new 3D combat engine, which is vastly superior to Medieval's. The units are all fully modeled and animated, and the camera is much more maneuverable, allowing you to get up close. This isn't very handy from a command standpoint, but it really makes the battles come alive. Battles in cities and forts are also much more fun, since they are more balanced and take place in full-sized replicas of the cities you see on the world map, down to the individual buildings you or your opponent have constructed.

The mechanics of the strategy portion of the game are different. Instead of treating each provence as a whole entity, with units being able to move between them once per turn, units move relative to the physical distance they must cross on the map, with cities being the points of interest you must find. While this adds more strategy and realism to the game (since it will obviously take longer for an army to cross an African desert than the Italian peninsula), this makes the game move much more slowly and, I feel, detracts from the excitement and fun. Fortunately, the game compensates for this and does not require conquering the entire map to win; under the new rules of the game it would take a very, very long time.

The expasion, while not lacking in content, is slightly on the boring side. I believe my opinion may be slightly tainted since I am not as fond of the play styles inherent in choosing tribal factions which compose virtually all the playable ones in Barbarian Invasion. Still, after playing several full games of Rome, I found that the expansion did not offer enough new material to hold my interest for very long. Besides, there is plenty of fun to be had without the expansion, due to the wider range of factions and units.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed, which seems to be a rarity these days. Newcomers should be prepared for a challenge, but the game does a good job of breaking people in and letting them enjoy the game from start to finish.
Customer Review: Civilization meets real time tactical combat
The AI isn't entirely challenging, but that is really true of all games. Until programmers can come up with truely great AI I will just have to keep giving games 4/5 and 9/10. This game is more a 9/10 than a 4/5 btw.

If anyone knows about an old game called Archon, this game is to Civilization what Archon was to Chess, it takes the basic Civilization game (capturing cities, expanding empire, building armies and upgrading cities) and adds a real-time combat element.

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