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Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 10-Inch Stir-Fry Pan

Calphalon Commercial Nonstick 10-Inch Stir-Fry Pan

Stretching 10 inches in diameter and shaped like a deep bowl, Calphalon's commercial nonstick stir fry pan functions similarly to a wok, but rests evenly on the burner without aid. Perfect for preparing a medley of chopped vegetables and cut meats, this versatile pan transitions comfortably from atop the stove to the oven for warming or re-heating. The excellent heat conductivity of heavy-gauge aluminum results in a rapidly heating pan while its nonstick interior surface requires less oil thus enabling low fat cooking. As with all nonstick surfaces, nylon, wood, or plastic utensils are favored over their metal counterparts. Secured by three rivets, the cast, stainless-steel handle stays cool with regular stove-top use and stretches 7 inches from the body to provide a firm grip for even transport. Washing in warm, sudsy water with a nylon scrub brush brings best results; dishwasher cleaning is not recommended. This item is oven-safe up to 450 degrees F and comes with Calphalon's lifetime warranty. -- Amy Arnold
Customer Review: Getting to be my favorite
This pan is on its way to being my first choice for cooking. Here's why:
- It's very thick and conductive, food is hard to burn when using a radiant or coil stove. Not all of us have gas stoves, yet!
- The thickness keeps the heating even and steady, while electric stoves cycle on and off
- The non-stick quality is amazing. It feels like the whole pan is one solid piece of nonstick metal. I don't have to fear using a wire whisk on the surface.
- I have the wok of the same line, commercial nonstick, and it has some limitations because of its size. This pan can be used for toss-fry (OK, you need just a little bit of muscle but not as much as tossing a wok's contents)
- Swing forward, everything flies up, snap and catch it all. You don't need that angled pan some other maker has been advertising, the wall curvature is perfectly designed for toss and catch. This keeps your ingredients more intact than stir-frying.
- You shouldn't put it in the dishwasher, but cleaning up is very easy. Everything slides off easily and you're done.
- Until now my preferred pans were the decent quality, but cheap, $2.99 Steka pans from IKEA (I have 8-9) and they still do a good job for small servings, and I don't care about putting them in a dishwasher. But this pan's big enough for dinner while you need two or three of the Stekas.
- Sometimes Amazon has a great price on this pan. I highly recommend picking up one or two.
Customer Review: Best NonStick Wok
I do quite a bit of stir frying and this is the best non-stick wok that I have owned (I've probably have owned 4 or 5). I bought this on a whim last year because it was on sale and now I'm buying another as a gift for my mother. This is a great wok because 1) it is heavy gauge and heats evenly 2) the non-stick surface has actually withstood reasonably high heat for a year now without significant discoloration or damage. This is probably its greatest strength since all my other woks have either warped or lost its "non-stickiness" because of the high heat needed for traditional stir fry. It's also great for sauces and reductions because of the shape, size, and non-stick surface.
The downside is that it is small. Perfect size for servings for 2 but not great for family sized portions. I'd also recommend buying a lid if you don't already have one.

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