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All-Clad LTD 9-Piece Cookware Set with Nonstick Fry Pan

All-Clad LTD 9-Piece Cookware Set with Nonstick Fry Pan

There will be no limits to what you can cook with this 9-piece cookware set! Designed for the professional chef, they feature the ultimate in even heat distribution due to the pure aluminum core. Additionally the hard anodized exterior offers superior heat distribution and conductivity.
Customer Review: Inspiring cookware set... worth the price!
I got this set as a wedding/christmas/birthday present
from my mother. I did a LOT of research before picking
this set out. I read reviews of other sets, compared
prices, materials.. you name it, I checked it out. I
even did some reading in various cookbooks to try to
learn as much as I could about good cookware. Here
are some of the basics I learned.. good cookware should
be made to last a life time, it should heat EVENLY, it
should carry a strong warranty, it should be beautiful,

and it should be expensive (because you get what you pay
for!). So why did I decide to go with All Clad's LTD 9
piece set?

All Clad has a few lines of cookware. ALL of them have
aluminum cores (and in case you didn't learn this already, aluminum is an EXCELLENT heat conductor). So why the LTD? LTD cookware is made with a stainless steel interior (which is great because it's the most durable metal of all), a pure aluminum core, and a beautiful dark gray hard anodized aluminum exterior. Why hard anodized aluminum for the exterior? Well, although aluminum is a superb heat conductor (second only to copper), it's not very durable. But good old science found a way to make aluminum stronger WITHOUT taking away its heat conducting properties. It's an electro-chemical process that "anodizes" the aluminum. Hard anodized aluminum is actually stronger than stainless steel!! So when you get cookware that has a stainless steel (18/10) interior, a PURE aluminum core, and a super durable and super beautiful hard anodized aluminum exterior, you get the best of all worlds.

This set itself is almost perfect as far as the pieces go. My only complaint is that the stock pot is too small. BUT..the sautee pan, the nonstick frying pan (which by the way has the GREATEST nonstick surface I've ever used!), and the two sauce pans are WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL pieces. Since I bought this set, I've added to it. I bought the steamer insert (which fits into the larger sauce pan), a 7" frying pan, and a 1 and a half quart sauce pan.. all LTD, and all PERFECT. I have absolutely no complaints about the pieces themselves. Water boils faster in these pieces than in ANY other piece I've ever used. And more importantly, it heats EVENLY. You won't look into the pot as it starts to simmer and see that the bubbles are only coming up from one side of the pan. The bubbles come up evenly from the entire bottom of the pan. Oh, and did I mention that the aluminum core goes ALL THE WAY up the sides of the pan? The heat from the burner gets transfered ALL THE WAY up to the top of your pan, making it heat up incredibly fast!

All in all, all clad is a perfect 10. The other sets (MC2, copper chef, etc..) look pretty good too, but they have their drawbacks. The LTD set is perfect, and beautiful. I highly recommend it.
Customer Review: Pricey but worth it
My all-clad LTD set has withstood five years of hard-core cooking. With proper care, it looks almost as good as new. The set is well-designed to distribute heat well for uniform cooking, as well as having an attractive finish.

Pricey but worth it for the serious home cook.

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