Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Samsung SPP-2040 Digital Photo Printer ( Windows Macintosh )

Samsung SPP-2040 Digital Photo Printer ( Windows Macintosh )

High Quality Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer / 7-in-1 Card Reader / 2 Inch LCD Preview Screen / USB / Makes 4x6 Photos / PictBridge
Customer Review: Amazing photos, super easy to use, just a couple of gripes
I've gotten maybe 100 photos off the SPP-2040 so far and continue to be amazed at the quality. Takes a full 60 seconds for one print but it's fun to watch as the photo paper passes through 4 times to lay down each of the primary colors and a black. Costs about 39 cents a print if you buy replacement paper and ribbons in quantity.

I could hook it up to my PC with a USB cable but it's so much easier to just slide in a camera's memory card and print off of that. Supports all 7 of the popular memory cards including some I'd thought were proprietary. The unit is tiny enough to fit handily into a briefcase and I've gotten in the habit of taking it along whenever I travel. Blows away friends when I take a picture of their cat and present them with the finished photo a couple minutes later.

On/off switch stopped working the first week. Now have to poke inside with a ballpoint to activate the microswitch in the printer circuit board. And replacement paper and ribbons are not easy to find; none of the big Electronic and Office Supply chains seem to carry them. Samsung doesn't seem to have built the dealer network that the other photo printer makers have.

Overall, a remarkable machine.

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