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Sony (PSP) Playstation Portable System

Sony (PSP) Playstation Portable System

The Sony (PSP) Playstation Portable) packs a powerful multimedia punch within its slim build frame. With wireless internet, video and digital music playback, and incredible data storage and connectivity options, the Sony PSP is a complete solution for the mobile digital lifestyle. Imagine having all of your favorite movies, music and photos accessible in an instant; anywhere, anytime. Not to mention the numerous games available. Sony has combined both horsepower and groundbreaking features into a package that weighs just a little more than half a pound.
Customer Review: Worth the money.
If anyone is looking for a "Portable Entertainment System" than look no further than the PSP,It has many features,its main one being its games in which there is a growing number of,Its other features are music,movies,Net connection and updates.Here i will just explain them:

Games:As i said the PSP has a small variety at the moment,however Sony has anounced at E3 that they are planning about 26 new games,one of them is Metal Gear Solid:Portable Ops.
Any game you play will have the graphics of PS2(Bloody brill graphics considdering its a handheld) and great audio.

It may not be the best quality of music but its OK considdering its only one of the features the PSP has.

OK,you better not be buying a PSP whatever you do just for its UMD movies,they use up battery life not many of them and they are more expensive than a DVD player.But if get a PSP and want to watch an available movie,I would suggest renting it and also charching your PSP before watching it.But the PSP does display them OK,so i`ll give it that.

Net stuff:
Yes thats one of the best features PSP has,you can connect up to the internet not to mention play Online games against other PSP users.For a handheld,the Online stuff is great so its GREAT overall.

Well for the last year,we could say Sony have been neglecting its support to the PSP,But at E3 Sony did promise to give in more support.Things they update include the colour of the wall-paper,which is monthly and new versions of filmware to come out soon(Filmware is required for some of PSP`s newer games).

I got my PSP for 170 Quid with one game(Need For Speed:Most Wanted).And i think it was worth it,although i may not have as much WiFi as most people seeing as only two of myy friends own PSP`s.

If you live the PSP to the fullest(like me) than you will see why the PSP is mostly worth the money you pay.Most people,the ones who only mess around with the features,neglect it or use it too much causing the battery to run out will say the PSP was a rip-off.You have gotto remember that PSP is MORE than just a handheld console,even if its main compartment is games.

But some of the improvements i would like to see are more games and better updates,But i think that is on the way as Sony said so at E3 this year.

So all is all,i reccomend this to both kids and adults,boys or girls as its simply great.


Kayne Benson,U.K.
Customer Review: A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Somebody rightly said "A thing of beauty lasts forever". That holds good for this awesome little piece of technological marvel.

The moment you open the box, the widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) stares at you. The PSP does not come with a game. I immediately rushed to a store to buy a game "Need for speed". The graphics are amazing and the game itself is thrilling. The widescreen adds beauty to the games as the racetracks look more original in widescreen.

I have downloaded my home videos shot using Sony HC-42 camcorder. The camcorder shoots in wideangle (16:9). Hence the videos look great on the Sony PSP.


The controls on the PSP are bit funny. For example, to accelerate your car you need to press the down arrow and to brake you need to press the up arrow. Isn't that unconventinal? But I got used to it very soon as my race car was not moving at all when all others sped by!!!

Sony is known for making proprietary items to mint money. They have created this UMD Disc whereas they could have easily supported mini-DVD instead. Don't spend your money on UMD disks. Instead buy a memory stick with good capacity and download games to the stick rather than using the UMD.

PSP is great for viewing photos. But please remember to resize your photos to less than 10% of their original size (if you use a 5 MP or higher camera). This will save valuable space on your memory stick and also display the photos faster on the PSP. If you don't resize them, it takes more than 10 seconds for the system to render the image on screen.

Connecting to internet is not fun. The text editor is very hard to use. Please don't have much expectations on this feature. This feature may be useful if you are playing games with another internet partner but not for anything else.

Please do buy a screen protector as you don't want to spoil this beatiful screen. Even a minor scratch may show up and spoil the fun.

The battery has excellent life (nearly 5 hours) before you need a recharge.

Go ahead and buy the PSP. You won't regret the purchase. I would surely recommend this product for you.

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